Lotus Smartwatch

Lotus Smartime smart watches are perfect for monitoring daily physical activity with step counter, heart rate control, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, sedentary lifestyle control ... Modern and fashionable designs.

They also measure heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and you can even trigger a reminder to encourage you to move and keep up with the activity. They can be connected with the mobile to use it as a remote control for the camera or music, as well as to receive notifications of calls or messages.

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Steel Man Lotus Smartwach 50007/1

Lotus 50007/1, Mens watch Lotus Collection, with mesh bracelet black and other strap, all functions.

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Lotus Smartwatch 50001/1 Girl

Lotus Smartwatch 50001/1, watch Girls, with bracelat in pink golden mesh and rubber strap, fashion.

90.00 *
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The delivery time is 2 business days

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